May 6, 2024 | "Ich entlaste Städte 2"

Cargo bike test seeks participants from retail, services and trade

Put to the test for climate protection
There is also a selection of different cargo bikes and e-vehicles in "Ich entlaste Städte 2" so that the right mix can be found for every company.

DLR / Amac Garbe

  • New test phase for cargo bikes and light electric vehicles
  • Interested parties can find out more at two online seminars
  • Application for participation on the project website

Take part in the cargo bike test

In "Ich entlaste Städte 2", the large cargo bike and light electric vehicle test, companies have the opportunity to gain experience with emission-free vehicle fleets for up to 12 months. Included is scientific support from the DLR: 30 companies are selected by the project team and given intensive support in their own transition to urban mobility - through the subsidised provision of high-quality vehicles and comprehensive advice. This will make it as easy as possible to get started and convert the fleet.

In 2023 and 2024, around 15 companies will participate in at least six cities. The long test period and scientific monitoring will allow valuable practical insights to be gained and passed on to the companies. Applications for the cargo bike test are possible on the project page.

Quickly informed online

A new test phase will begin in the summer, during which companies can apply for the practical test. Further information is also available on the project website

In order to provide interested parties with the best possible information about the upcoming test phase, two events will be held in May at which project manager Dr. Johannes Gruber will present the project and the opportunities offered by the practical test. Participation in the events is free of charge.



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