May 31, 2024 | The dispute about the car

Laura Gebhardt at TerraX - Harald Lesch

Laura Gebhardt on "TerraX - Harald Lesch": The car - more than just a means of transport
The car is not just a means of transport. Dr Laura Gebhardt explains what else it means in an interview with Prof Harald Lesch in his programme "TerraX - Harald Lesch: The controversy about the car"
  • The programme Terra X - Harald Lesch: "The controversy about the car" shows the current debate about the future of the car
  • Expert Dr Laura Gebhardt in conversation with Prof Harald Lesch about the significance of the car beyond locomotion

As part of the ZDF series "TerraX - Harald Lesch", the professor of physics and philosophy addresses the unpleasant aspects of car traffic in the episode "Der Streit ums Auto": traffic jams, space consumption and emissions.

He is joined by our colleague Dr Laura Gebhardt. In conversation, the two of them shed light on the car in society and culture, and what it means to us. After all, our own car is often much more than just a means of transport and is associated with many an emotion.

This naturally has an influence on how we can shape the transport transition fairly and successfully; after all, we may have to say goodbye to beloved habits. In the programme, Prof. Lesch explores possible solutions and their impact: from alternative drive systems to alternative mobility options. And what are the superblocks in Barcelona all about?

Curious to find out? The programme is available in the ZDF media library (content is only accessible in german).


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