The concept

The drive module can be used in combination with various capsule types to transport both passengers and goods. Examples of applications include autonomous, electromobile night delivery, autonomous intra-logistics and barrier-free passenger transport.


The autonomous drive module integrates all components and systems necessary for driving. In addition to the electrical drive, battery and automation components, the Driveboard has an integrated lifting system for easy and quick replacement of different types of capsules.  The capsules are changed ‘on-the-road’, i.e. during operation, to enable new transport and mobility services.

    • Autonomous (SAE5), flexible, standardisable
    • Electrical drive system
    • High utilisation factor (24/7) and quiet night operation


The capsules are equipped with only the most essential technical equipment and can therefore be produced cost-effectively.

    • Customised and flexible
    • Needs-based: A variety of capsules used in passenger transport (people mover, private capsule) and in commercial transport (delivery transport, service,   recyclable material capsule).
    • ‘Simple’, light and cost-effective


The automation is much more closely linked to the infrastructure than today's Cooperative Automated Driving (CAD) approaches. U-Shift takes automation to the next level – Managed Automated Driving (MAD) is a key element of this:

    • Protection via infrastructure sensors
    • Management via traffic control centre
    • Optimised use of road infrastructure