Research Topics

The research activities of the Institute of Space Systems are grouped into five research fields, or clusters. Each one combines several related research topics from the various departments of the Institute.

Research Cluster of the Institute of Space Systems
  1. Innovative Spacecraft: State-of-the-art on-board system technologies and their implementation and integration into missions, including In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD).
  2. Design and Implementation Methods: Computer-aided analyses, processes, tools and methods for the efficient development, implementation, integration and verification of space systems and missions.
  3. Planetary Exploration: technologies for infrastructure, in-situ exploration and in-situ resource utilization on celestial bodies.
  4. Space Transportation: Systems analysis, design and technologies for cryogenic propellants, propulsion systems and (reusable) space transportation systems.
  5. Landing Technologies: Technologies and techniques for the autonomous landing of spacecraft on celestial bodies.