October 24, 2023

i2b meet-up: Generative AI – What‘s next?

Dr. Thomas Krüger, Deputy Director of the Institute for AI Safety and Security, in an interview at the i2b meet-up in Oldenburg on October 12, 2023

Music is generated by AI and you can't figure it out? Nils Bäumer from DenkSinn GmbH gives a keynote at the i2b meet-up, partly in Japanese, without knowing the language...! The associated i2b talk round, moderated by Knut Bensen in Oldenburg in mid-October, agrees: ChatGPT is just the beginning.

The recent i2b meet-up* brought together a wide range of user groups and perspectives on the potential and risks of AI. The focus was on research, application, networking and economic aspects, but also on private issues and, last but not least, on law and regulation. The discussion focused on how easy or difficult it is to introduce and use AI in certain areas. Thomas Krüger, deputy director of our institute, raised the question of where exactly the dangers lie and how we can protect ourselves. Errors that ChatGPT delivers without being asked or the misuse of our data are just two problem areas.

In the context of AI safety and security, the European AI Act and the European initiative Gaia-X are worth mentioning: The AI Act will conditionally regulate research and, increasingly, AI-based products. As a research institute, our Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of AI (ELSA) unit looks beyond the technical aspects of artificial intelligence and assesses it at all stages of development: In research and development, in implementation, in further development and also in the reversal of AI.

The Gaia-X initiative is concerned with secure data exchange and data-based business relationships according to European standards. The Institute for AI Safety and Security is also actively involved in this topic area. With the coordination of Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility and our work at Catena-X, we are involved in two important Gaia-X lighthouse projects.

*Panelists: Nils Baeumer, Daniel Kraft, Dr. Michael W. Preikschas, Björn Friedrich, Aliki Anagnostopoulou, Thomas Krüger.