Visual Computing and Engineering Department

The department of Visual Computing and Engineering works on collaborative modelling and immersive visualisation of digital twins, and on interactive visualisation and analysis of scientific data.

For more efficient systems engineering in aerospace, the Visual Computing and Engineering department develops modeling methods that support the joint creation of design drafts. The aim is to make system design more intuitive and robust. Digital twin concepts also enable interactive evaluation and maintenance during operation. Extended reality methods support fast, intuitive analysis in three-dimensional virtual spaces. This requires the exploration of complex, distributed approaches to the interactive visualisation of scientific and technical data.

In order to visualise very large scientific datasets in real time and with high quality, we are developing methods for parallel data processing that can be run on high-performance computers up to modern graphics cards. In addition to immersive environments, we also incorporate interactive dashboards to analyse large system models using iterative visual approaches. In this way, we enable improved, individual exploration of complex data relationships.