EUROCONTROL is a pan-European, civil-military organisation whose mission is to support European aviation through its expertise in research, development, operations and performance monitoring.
EUROCONTROL is committed to the European Union’s vision for a Single European Sky and supports their Member States and aviation stakeholders (including air navigation service providers, civil and military airspace users, airports and aircraft/equipment manufacturers) in a joint effort to make aviation in Europe safer, more efficient and cost-effective, with minimal environmental impact.
EUROCONTROL delivers technical excellence and civil-military expertise across the full spectrum of air traffic management. Its activities touch on operations, service provision, concept development, research, Europe-wide project implementation, performance improvements, coordination with key aviation players at various levels as well as support to future evolution and strategic orientations of aviation. EUROCONTROL is a major contributor to the SESAR research programme and will continue to be so in the framework of SESAR 3. It has also unique and invaluable simulation facilities and expertise to support the validation of the airspace redesign needed as part of the Airspace Architecture Study and the validation of new concepts developed by the SESAR programme.
EUROCONTROL has a pivotal role in the ALBATROSS project, which aims to develop a greener flights concept of operations, by identifying SESAR solutions that could contribute to it and examining how greener flight concept could be integrated into future Network Manager operations. EUROCONTROL is leading the development of gate-to-gate trials and the assessment of greener flights benefits at ECAC level. EUROCONTROL also contributes to the communication and dissemination activities of ALBATROSS.