Royal Schiphol Group

Royal Schiphol Group is an enterprise that operates airports in the Netherlands, conducts international activities and participates in airports abroad. Operating Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the Group's largest activity. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol welcomed 20.9 million passengers in 2020 and processed 1.4 million tonnes of cargo. With its 316 direct destinations all over the world, Schiphol offers one of the best destination and frequencies networks in Europe. Royal Schiphol Group is the owner and operator of Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport, and holds a majority share in Eindhoven Airport. 

By 2050, Royal Schiphol Group aims to operate the most sustainable airports in the world. In the coming decades we will focus on 4 themes: energy positive, circular economy, sustainable aviation and communities. Our goal for 2030 is that our airports are waste and emission free, CO2 emissions from aviation are at 2005 levels and there is a better balance between our airports and the communities around us. By 2050, our airports will be circular and energy-positive, the aviation sector will be carbon-neutral, and it will be pleasant to live and work around our airports. We remain committed to sustainability and innovation, even during the coronavirus crisis. Coming back improved is the norm.

Royal Schiphol Group contributes to the ALBATROSS project with our knowlegde about susustainabe taxiing. During sustainable taxiing, planes do not use their engines to get to and from the runway, instead they use an alternative power source such as the TaxiBot. This saves kerosene and therefore leads to at least 50% lower emissions. Sustainable taxiing can therefore contribute to reducing CO2 and nitrogen. During the project Schiphol will see several TaxiBots coming to the airport.