July 6, 2022

Acceleration sensors for wind measuring mast at the DLR research windfarm (WiValdi)

Wind measurig mast at the DLR research windfarm (WiValdi)

George Chandler, naturalxflights

For the DLR research windfarm (WiValdi) two multi-megawatt wind turbines are currently built in Krummendeich. They will be both instrumented with innovative research sensors. To characterize the wind field there is already a 150m high IEC conform wind measurement mast available besides others like lidars that will be installed on the wind turbines.

Sensor installation on the wind measurement mast in the DLR WiValdi research park

George Chandler, naturalxflights

In addition to ultrasonic anemometers, electrical acceleration sensors were installed over the entire height of the wind measurement mast. The according measurement systems for data acquisition were implemented in control cabinets in the laboratory, tested and then also installed on the mast. The acceleration sensors are used on the one hand to investigate the structural dynamic behavior of the mast itself and on the other hand to explore the influence of the mast movements on the speed measurement of the anemometer.

Sensors on the wind measurement mast in the DLR research park WiValdi

Even before the end of the installation campaign, the first measurement data were recorded and evaluated on site, which showed promising results like a mode shape as shown below.

Animation von Messdaten am Windmessmast im DLR-Forschungspark WiValdi

The development of the wind energy research park in Krummendeich can be followed in a construction site diary: DLR research park - construction site diary


Dr.-Ing. Marc Böswald

Head of Structural Dynamics and System Identification
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Aeroelasticity
Bunsenstraße 10, 37073 Göttingen