December 15, 2016

The TIDEx Campaign on Darwin Glacier: Part 7 – Epilogue

December 15, 2016

Approaching Dubai. How cosy was even McMurdo!

The return flight on December 7 from Christchurch to Munich via Dubai was only normal business. The curious tension I felt 6 weeks ago when I travelled in the opposite direction towards Antarctica was gone. Now I’m sitting for already more than a week in my cosy office and have to deal only with my computer – no more ice-cold temperatures, strong winds and working with the instruments out in the field while managing the everydays life huddled together in two small tents.

Looks like Antarctica but lies at my doorsteps. Snow covered mountains in Turkey.

Whether our expedition was a success will be seen in the coming weeks when we analyze our data. A first glimpse of them out on Darwin looked promising. In every case, this campaign was for me certainly a big event. I had the privilege to do research in a splendid and unique environment. And I mastered the challenge to spend three weeks far away from civilization on a glacier at the other side of our home planet.

Would I do it again? Certainly; there is still so much to do in Antarctica which is worth another stay. If I would get another chance I’ll tell you about it in another blog.

Many supported me participating in the TIDEx campaign, including

I also want to mention my colleagues at EOC. Without their approval I would not have been able to put aside my tasks and duties here at the institute for 1 ½ months. Finally I would like to thank Manfred Gottwald. From the e-mails and photos I had sent him from Antarctica he created the travel reports in the TIDEx blog. I hope they allowed the readership to participate in my adventure.