July 4, 2017

First EAGLE Midsummer Dialogue

On the occasion of the first Remote Sensing Summer Dialogue of the Department of Remote Sensing at Würzburg University in cooperation with the German Remote Sensing Data Center, Dr Stefan Dech, full professor of remote sensing, and Jun. Prof. Christopher Conrad, coordinator of the EAGLE graduate programme, welcomed on 23 June over 50 students, instructors and former department staff.

Participants of the First EAGLE Midsummer Dialogue

The event was organized by the students of the "Applied Earth Observation M.Sc. Program" (EAGLE) at Würzburg University and DLR. Colleagues from the business sector and diverse research institutions from Germany and abroad also participated, in addition to those from DLR and Würzburg University. The students could inform themselves about working conditions in the various fields, converse with alumni and current staff at the Department of Remote Sensing and at DLR, and discuss possibilities for traineeships and thesis projects. The Summer Dialogue was also used to continue thematic cooperation, and a wide range of topics could be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.

The second Remote Sensing Summer Dialogue will take place in 2018 and additionally offer warm-up presentations on particular subjects in order to intensify interactions on specific topics.



Prof. Stefan Dech

Director DFD
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Earth Observation Center (EOC)
German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD)
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