DLR, 2023– 2024

EO Solar

The urgency of concrete measures to promote ecological change in Europe is evident and is expressed by the clear objectives of the European Green Deal. In the context of combating climate change, the decarbonisation of the global energy system requires a significant switch to renewable energy sources. The implementation of decentralised infrastructures such as rooftop solar systems is of great importance in this context.

In order to develop and implement effective strategies and instruments for the expansion of rooftop solar installations, planners and decision-makers at both municipal and national level need detailed, spatial information on the current stock and future expansion potential of solar installations on buildings. And this is where the Solar-DE project comes in: Based on current aerial images and basic geodata from the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG), a comprehensive mapping of existing solar installations for the approximately 20 million buildings in Germany is being carried out using machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) methods and geographic information processing. In addition, the solar energy potential for the entire building stock is being determined.