07/2021 – 06/2023

MetaMap3: "Metadata generation, enrichment and linkage across the three domains health, environment and earth observation"

Digital metadata solutions for the Health domain are urgently needed to bring together the numerous existing epidemiological cohorts for joint analysis of the effects of complex risk factor profiles on health. In addition, the environment plays an increasingly important role for human health and efficient linkage with the multitude of environmental and earth observation data is crucial to quantify human exposures. However, there are currently no harmonized metadata standards for the different areas, so that they cannot be merged automatically. The project aims to overcome these gaps by compiling machine-readable and interoperable metadata schemes for exemplary data of our three domains Health (HMGU), Earth & Environment (UFZ), and Aeronautics, Space & Transport (DLR) in a standard suitable for HMC and its respective hubs.