Planetary Infrastructures

Planetary Infrastuctures
    For a successful human space exploration strategy, resources such as water, oxygen, food, but also rocket fuel, energy, habitat building materials and many different types of consumables need to be produced and appropriately recycled in the future outposts on Earth. The combination of the two approaches, recovery and recycling, is the main focus of the Planetary Infrastructures research area. The group is managed by the Systems Analysis Space Segment (SRS) department at the DLR Institute of Space Systems in Bremen (Germany). The department operates the Institute's Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF) as well as the Planetary Infrastructures Laboratory, including the Space Habitation Facilities Lab (EDEN Lab), the ISRU Breadboard (SMU Lab), the 3D Printing Farm and the EDEN ISS Research Greenhouse in Antarctica.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Schubert

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institut of Space Systems
Systemanalyse Raumsegment
Robert-Hooke-Str. 7, Bremen 28359