Detector Characterisation Laboratory (DCL)

Detector Characterisation Laboratory
Overview of the Detector Characterisation Laboratory.

The department PSS is in the process of establishing a laboratory to characterise 1D and 2D detectors for future space instrument developments. Additional novel components of electro-optical imaging systems like Fabry-Perot filter and Acousto-Optical Tunable Filters (AOTF) will be tested and evaluated for future application. The laboratory includes a high performance data acquisition system, a big data storage system and an optical bench. An illumination system, cooling system and x-y actuator system allow the complete evaluation of the electro-optical performance of detectors.

The DCL allows the radiometric, spectral and geometric characterisation of optical detectors. Components will be selected to cover a spectral range from 400 nm up to 14 µm. The test site will be complemented by electronics measurement equipment. An arbitrary generator allows testing and optimisation of clocking sequences for detector readout control signals. The DCL allows a time-saving detector preselection and characterisation of detectors according to science requirements of space missions. In addition the DCL is able to perform detector characterisation after irradiation (TID, gamma ray, high energetic ions).

For rapid detector characterisation an Archon CCD controller was procured and is now in commissioning phase. A thermal vacuum dewar with aperture, a universal light source for visible and thermal irradiation and a flexible data acquisition system is in procurement/under development.

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