Business area Fuselage

The Fuselage business area develops concepts for the aircraft fuselage of the future using lightweight materials such as CFRP or suitable multi-material combinations.

The aim is to reduce weight and costs while increasing robustness in terms of stability, strength, residual strength and impact tolerance, as well as maximising functional integration while taking into account the requirements and functions of the cab and systems.

New materials and material combinations, modern design and verification methods using suitable validation tests as well as economical manufacturing and assembly processes are developed in innovative function-integrated construction methods up to 1:1 scale demonstrators, which also include large cut-outs for passenger and cargo compartment doors, co-supporting cabin elements as well as bonded or welded connections. Industrial applications are focussed on large components (e.g. fuselage shells), complex stiffening elements (e.g. bulkheads) and secondary cabin structures.


Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schmidt

Business area management fuselage
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Lightweight Systems
Lilienthalplatz 7, 38108 Braunschweig