September 18, 2023

DLR is a member of the German Road Safety Technology Association (BVST)

Road traffic brings together pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists. DLR is working to make this complex system with its many participants as safe and efficient as possible by developing new technologies and methods to optimise traffic.


  • The German Road Safety Technology Association (BVST) and DLR want to jointly promote innovations in the fields of transport, safety, environment and technology.
  • With its research into traffic control, automation and digitalisation, DLR is increasing the safety of all road users.
  • Focal points: Safety, mobility, traffic management

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is a new member of the German Road Safety Technology Association (BVST). The BVST is the neutral dialogue partner for politicians, authorities, associations and the public in the technology-based road safety sector. It is a strong driver of technical innovations and an interface between technology, science and authorities. It sees itself as a promoter and supporter in the fields of traffic, safety, environment and technology: Transport, safety, environment and technology.

Gerrit Palm, Chairman of the BVST Executive Board, welcomes DLR's membership: "DLR's membership, with its expertise in a wide range of research areas recognised throughout Europe, represents a further milestone for BVST on the road to Vision Zero. DLR will support the BVST's goals, particularly in the areas of energy, transport and digitalisation. DLR's scientific support of our association's goals strengthens BVST as a dialogue partner, especially in the political arena."

With its transport programme, DLR is the second largest institutionally funded transport research facility in Europe: 27 DLR institutes are developing concrete solutions for a sustainable transport system and a climate-neutral and sustainable safeguarding of mobility in cities and regions. The scientists are dedicated to a broad spectrum of topics for the future mobility system. The portfolio ranges from innovative vehicle concepts with integration into multimodal transport chains to processes that increase the technical reliability of automated transport systems. The employees are also researching the safe use of artificial intelligence, the mobility and transport needs of people and goods and are looking at the overall transport system with all its interactions.

Safety is an important issue for all road users - regardless of whether they are travelling on foot, by bike or by car. An important core aspect of this work is the development of methods and analyses that provide a better understanding of the risk factors of traffic accidents. They enable the development of evidence-based measures, for example through optimised traffic control systems. These can reduce road congestion and prevent accidents. The automation and networking of vehicles and infrastructure also protects people through intelligent assistance systems and better sensor technology.