June 17, 2024

DLR researchers explain strategies for long-term storage in "GELADEN" battery podcast

Geladen - the battery podcast
Guests of Patrick Rosen and Daniel Messling in the podcast episode "Seasonal long-term storage" from 16.06.2024: Dr Andrea Gutierrez from the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics and Dr Hendrik Langnickel (Institute of Networked Energy Systems)

Podcast "Geladen"

    • In the 16 June 2024 edition of the successful podcast on the energy transition, topics include the reuse of the use of power-to-X systems and salt caverns for hydrogen storage.
    • In the 30-minute expert dialogue, Dr Andrea Gutierrez (Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics) and Dr Hendrik Langnickel (Institute of Networked Energy Systems) provide information on DLR's current research priorities.
    • The podcast emphasises the importance of storage solutions for the energy transition by placing them in a societal and overall systemic context.
    • Focus: Energy, hydrogen, knowledge transfer.

The topic of "seasonal long-term storage for the energy transition" is the focus of the latest episode of the German-language battery podcast "GELADEN", which has been available since 16 June 2024. The guests on the podcast are Dr Andrea Gutierrez, an expert in thermal systems with phase change at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, and Dr Hendrik Langnickel, an expert in sector integration and gas technology at the Institute of Networked Energy Systems.

In the approximately 30-minute expert dialogue, the two DLR researchers will discuss various technological options for the long-term storage of energy and provide an insight into the current state of research. The underlying challenge: In the course of the energy transition, coal, oil and natural gas must be replaced for a wide variety of purposes. This applies both to generation – for example by solar and wind – and to supply. Specifically, energy must be reliably available – at any place and at any time, even on a dark, windless winter night.

With a focus on longer-term to cross-seasonal storage intervals, current DLR research activities ranging from the rededication of salt caverns for hydrogen storage to power-to-X systems and Carnot batteries for thermal energy storage will be discussed. The two DLR experts also categorise what is technologically feasible in an economic, social, industrial and overall systemic context. Absolutely worth listening to!

The battery podcast "GELADEN" is produced in German only by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) and the Post-Lithium Storage Cluster of Excellence (POLiS). With over 5.5 million downloads, the series is one of the most successful German-language podcasts on the energy transition.

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