01/2024 – 12/2026

MoDa (Models and Data for Future Mobility_Supporting Services)

      The success of the previous project DATAMOST has shown the need for further research that directly addresses the transformation of mobility, with a focus on potential users. MoDa aims to develop innovative services that provide insights to key stakeholders, including government agencies, businesses and the general public.

Die Segmentierung von Verkehrsflächen in einem städtischen Szenario unterstützt die Verortung des Ladebedarfs und die Lokalisierung von Ladeinfrastruktur der Zukunft.

      Remote sensing contributes to two services: firstly, MF and DFD team up to provide traffic area and building type segmentations as input data for the PowerForecastMapper, a service that focuses on the demand for charging road- and rail-based vehicles. Secondly, MF estimates the annual average daily traffic on sections of the European road network based on data acquired by the 3K system. This data serves as input for the Application Suite Emissions, a service for calculating transport emissions under various scenarios.