The first generation

OSIRISv1 is the first terminal generation of the OSIRIS family. It was launched into orbit at an altitude of around 600 km with the Flying Laptop small satellite of the University of Stuttgart in July 2017 and has been available for experiments ever since.

With OSIRISv1, the Institute of Communications and Navigation has developed a compact laser terminal with a maximum data rate of 200 Mbit/s. With a total weight of only 1.3 kg, it can be deployed on almost all small satellites. A coarse alignment unit was not incorporated into the terminal. The laser beam control is therefore based purely on the position control of the satellite, or in other words, the satellite controls the laser beam with its position control to the optical ground station.

Links and more information

Flying Laptop - Universität Stuttgart

The small satellite Flying Laptop is the first satellite of the Stuttgart small satellite program and is currently operational in orbit.