May 28, 2024

RSC³ at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs

  • Takes place annually at "The Broadmoor Resort" complex in Colorado Springs, USA.
  • Responsive Space and RSC³ receive positive feedback at the Space Symposium.
  • The Space Symposium brings together the global space community and offers collaboration, innovation, and education from leading companies worldwide.
  • Over 10,000 space experts and decision-makers participate in the Space Symposium every year.

Responsive Space at the Space Symposium

Since 1984, the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs has brought together leading aerospace agencies and companies from around the world to exchange information and developments on the future of space exploration. This year, representatives of RSC³ were also involved in the Space Symposium to represent the topic of "Responsive Space". The RSC³ was part of the popular DLR booth, where topics from the space, launch, ground, and link segments could be discussed with many stakeholders. The positive feedback received regarding "Responsive Space" underscored the relevance and importance of the topic. Furthermore, the RSC³ had the opportunity to exchange ideas with delegates from DLR, BMWK, BMVg, and the German Bundeswehr, as well as to establish valuable contacts with German industry representatives.

A multinational networking event

A diverse network of representatives from business and government agencies from the USA, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden facilitated sustainable and successful discussions. A varied mix of visitors from universities, the military, and industry enriched the audience diversity. Numerous presentations on "Responsive Space" related topics, including "Access to Space, Logistics and Mobility in Space, In-Space Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing, Space Security and Space Policy," rounded off the event as a successful one for the RSC³. The number of participants has increased from 250 at the first Space Symposium event in 1984 to over 10,000 people from over 40 countries at the 39th event in 2024. The event is considered a leading platform for international exchange on space policy and programs, offering exclusive networking opportunities and attracting influential participants from all sectors of the space industry. Prominent speakers, including US vice presidents and cabinet members, as well as leaders of the US Air Force and NASA, have participated in the Space Symposium. The event also includes an extensive exhibition area, prestigious awards, and takes place at the picturesque "The Broadmoor Resort" in Colorado Springs. The conference is future-oriented, providing discussion and networking platforms, global representation, and exhibitions on the latest technologies in the space sector. 

Participating institutes