Interview: 6 questions, 7 answers

„Contributing to the bigger picture with my team“

Florian Waldegger

Qualification: State-certified electrical engineer
Now: Technical Facility Management

Florian Waldegger joined DLR as a technician in 2013 and is now Head of Technical Facility Management South. In this interview, he tells us about his diverse tasks, his priorities as a manager and what he particularly enjoys about his work.

Florian, what do you look forward to when coming to work in the morning?

Florian: I look forward to the different and varied needs and requests from our internal customers in the areas of structural and civil engineering, supply engineering and electrical engineering. Also, to solving our customers' issues quickly and effectively.

I’m faced with new technical and personal challenges every day, which I enjoy tackling together with my team.

I'm also looking forward to joining the newly formed management team as part of the Ein FM (One Facility Management) project.

What are you working on?

„New technical and personal challenges every day“

Florian: My team and I are responsible for construction and technical operations at the Oberpfaffenhofen, Augsburg and Weilheim sites.

I’m currently working on the implementation of the Ein FM project. This means merging property management and construction management into one department: Technical Facility Management.

Here, I’m involved in the reorganisation of workflows and processes and the implementation of the new structural guidelines.

In the technical centre of the building of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics and the Institute of System Dynamics and Control, where building automation, heating and cooling are controlled

What does your typical working day involve?

Florian: Together with my team, I solve the infrastructural challenges in the buildings and in the energy, water and heat supply areas at the DLR sites and introduce new sustainable solutions such as a renewable energy supply.

„Supporting my employees and using their strengths to achieve the best possible result for DLR“

How can you as a manager support your team?

Florian: As Head of Technical Facility Management South, I always have to listen carefully ensure a practical approach to the work in my various specialist areas (electrical engineering, structural and civil engineering, building services engineering).

I have to listen to my customers as well as my employees to find customised solutions – whether it involves buildings or technical operations.

Florian Waldegger finds solutions for his employees as well as for the infrastructure of the DLR sites in the southern region

What are the highlights of your work?

Florian: When I realise that I can contribute to the bigger picture with my team as a small cog in the wheel, for example, by ensuring that scientists have the best possible infrastructure for their research, especially in the space sector.

Or when we solve problems and successfully implement a project that everyone is happy with.

I particularly enjoy supporting my employees and using their strengths to achieve the best possible results for DLR.

What values do you bring to your work?


D Discipline
L Leidenschaft (Passion)
R Respect

Leave us a final thought.

Florian: I think it's really great that DLR offers such a wide range of opportunities. Everyone is given the chance to develop and improve their own talents. You get a great deal of support with further training.