01/2020 – 04/2023

CURE – Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe

CURE H2020
Conceptual illustration of CURE as a crosscutting structure based on products derived from CLMS, CAMS, C3S and EMS services. The CURE system will be built on Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) and will contain crosscutting applications related to urban resilience, reflecting different urban sustainability dimensions.

Cities are exceptionally vulnerable to climate change and their vulnerability is increasing over time. In this framework, the main goal of CURE is to demonstrate the potential of the Copernicus Core Services to provide reliable information for enhancing the resilience of European cities. In particular, 11 cross-cutting applications will be developed combining products from 4 different Copernicus Core Services (i.e., the Land Monitoring Service - CLMS, the Atmosphere Monitoring Service - CAMS, the Climate Change Service - C3S and the Emergency Management Service - EMS) with third-party data (e.g., in-situ measurements, street-view imagery, socio-economic data). Specifically, the envisaged applications address different fields, namely Nature Based solutions (NBS), urban flood risk, thermal comfort, air quality and health impacts.