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Martina Neises: Doktorarbeit soll nicht in der Schublade verschwinden

Simply refuel using the Sun – solar researcher Martina Neises

One day, we will be able to refuel with solar energy – that is the vision of Martina Neises; and that is what she is working on. As a postgraduate student working towards a doctorate in solar research at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) in Cologne, she is researching a process that uses solar energy to produce hydrogen. The first steps along...

Earning your PhD in a unique atmosphere

Are you a motivated, committed, creative individual? Do you share our vision? Then, why not work on your PhD at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)? There are plenty of good reasons to do so: exciting topics, networking with the best in your area of expertise, numerous further education and training opportunities and our unique technological infrastructure are just a few. We offer candidates the opportunity to work in a respectful yet challenging environment at the interface of science and industry. "Nowhere else in Germany could I conduct research into flight mechanics and simulation with such practical relevance," says PhD student Insa Pruter, who is looking into the training efficiency of gyroplane simulators.

Some 1,000 young scientists are continuously carrying out research for their doctoral thesis at our 55 institutes and facilities. They are making pioneering contributions in numerous interdisciplinary projects: advancing innovative composite materials or new solar technologies, developing optical measurement techniques, powerful rocket engines or software for unmanned aircraft. Perhaps you will soon be joining them. Experienced and dedicated tutors will supervise the work on your PhD thesis. We will give you plenty of creative space to implement your ideas – because we know that innovative approaches for future technologies frequently result from this.

Anything but one-dimensional: the DLR_Graduate_Program

DLR employees who are undertaking their PhD have an irresistible offer at their disposal: the DLR_Graduate_Program. The interdisciplinary PhD programme is open to anyone DLR PhD candidates who want to gain further qualifications in soft skills and personal competences. There is no fixed start date: you can register if you are already working towards your PhD at DLR, and are in the initial phase of your PhD course. The programme is optional, and enables you to acquire key scientific tools and multidisciplinary competences that will advance your career. For example, you will learn about the process of publishing your research results, how to acquire third party funding, how to conduct successful negotiations or how to manage a project. You will be given training to present your research project to an international audience – with video feedback, for example – and will have the opportunity to build a strong network with other PhD candidates. We want to give you specific support to help you reach your next goal. To achieve this, we will provide you with individual supervision so you can develop a stock of practical experience rather than just knowledge. The programme comprises compulsory, optional compulsory and optional courses: you can choose those that will usefully complement your personal skills and bring you closer to your career goals – all in all, the best prospects for your professional future.

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