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Schools at DLR

DLR_School_Lab at Göttingen: students conduct experiments in the wind tunnel.
DLR_School_Lab at Göttingen: students conduct experiments in the wind tunnel.

So many exciting questions – do you want to find the answers?

Is there life on Mars? What will the aircraft of tomorrow look like? How does the navigation device in a car know the fastest route to its destination? If you want to help us find answers to these questions, we have just the thing for you: in our school laboratories, the DLR_School_Labs, you can conduct experiments together with your classmates, and make exciting discoveries involving air and space travel, transport research and energy. Just ask your teacher – he/she can register you. But in doing so, remember that there might be a waiting period, as our DLR_School_Labs are very popular.

On DLR_next, the DLR website for pupils, you will find plenty of information on our research areas and on exciting careers in science and technology. There, you will find out, for example, what dynamite and chocolate have in common, or how to observe the International Space Station (ISS) with the naked eye. You will also be able to test your dexterity as a pilot, set off on a virtual Moon mission and build the car of the future!

Your ticket to everyday research

There is a great deal to do in research. You can help – with a student internship at one of our DLR institutes! Apply via regular mail to the DLR_School_Lab at the site you are interested in! If the site does not have a DLR_School_Lab, apply at the local HR department. You can find all the addresses and more information here. Our institutes have very different focal areas: in your application, tell us which institutes or subjects – from planetary research to wind tunnels and energy technology – you are particularly interested in.

Important: when do you want to undertake your internship with us? We receive many applications – so contact us as soon as possible!

We look forward to receiving your application!