October 16, 2023

Institute for AI Safety and Security at the Quantum Effects trade fair

At the Institute for AI Safety and Security, we support scientists from all DLR institutes in the feasibility analysis of quantum computing projects as part of the ELEVATE project (Enhanced probLEm solVing with quAntum compuTErs).

At the Quantum Effects trade fair in Stuttgart, we presented an interim result of this project: A 40 x 60 cm 3D print of the optimisation landscape of a classification task solved with Quantum Machine Learning. This landscape is the visual representation of the optimisation of the model parameters in the quantum circuit. It shows the complexity of the optimisation problem and makes different configurations comparable.

Visitors to the stand were excited to see and touch something as abstract as training a (quantum) AI. The presentation also helps experts to get to know the methods used.

We hope that we were also able to make some young scientists feel more comfortable with quantum computing. You can find job offers at the Institute for AI Security here.


Dr. Hans-Martin Rieser

Research Associate / Interim Head of Department
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute for AI Safety and Security
Execution Environments & Innovative Computing Methods
Wilhelm-Runge-Straße 10, 89081 Ulm