Office administrator

In order to keep our backs free for the many day-to-day tasks, we are looking for employees in the area of office administration. These team assistant positions offer a secure job for anyone who enjoys supporting others, especially in tasks that require care and time.

Our team assistants support us in all administrative and organisational tasks. They ensure the smooth running of our day-to-day business and thus form the central pillars of our work. This can range from database maintenance to the compilation and dispatch of work documents.

The activities also include, for example, processing and forwarding incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as scheduling and monitoring appointments. Our office administrators are also responsible for organising business trips, ordering and telephone services.

Contact us

Lilian Saparidis

Personnel and organisation
Programme Management Agency for Aviation Research
Tel: +49 228 447-412

Silke Feil

Head of cross-divisional tasks, contact person for credit rating issues
Project Management Agency for Aviation Research
Tel: +49 228 447-667