Systems / AI

Systems / AI

Below you can see the exhibits on the topic of systems and AI that were on display at the ILA 2024 in Berlin.

15: Generic, digital control system

Exhibit Generic, digital control system

16: Virtual crew assistant - context-specific support for reduced crew operations using artificial intelligence (ViCKI)

Virtual water assistant in the cockpit based on AI methods

Diehl Aerospace

In the LuFo VI-1 joint project ViCKI, the conceptual development of a virtual crew assistant is being implemented in order to optimise information procurement and processing, also with regard to a reduced cockpit crew in the future. The project addresses this challenge through the conceptual realisation and demonstration of a virtual crew assistant supported by artificial intelligence methods, in particular the use of neural networks. However, the use of such intelligent systems must be carefully evaluated and their reliability assessed, particularly due to the high safety requirements. The new operational concept assessed in dialogue with EASA and the implementation of 2 use cases will be evaluated in ViCKI using the example of functional demonstrations. The focus here is also on acceptance by human end users.