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As part of the "DLR_Startup Factory", we are stepping up support for start-ups from the Institute of Future Fuels. Our start-ups bring the results of research into application and thus onto the market. They are idea generators and innovation drivers. With products and services, they generate added value and contribute to solving societal challenges.

ExoMatter GmbH

A start-up from DLR Institute of Future Fuels

Founded: 2022

Areas of application: Renewable energy, material development

The start-up ExoMatter is building an AI-based platform for fast, easy and sustainable material development. With the help of the MatterMine platform, the customer receives a quick overview of the materials in question..

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AI-based platform for the development of sustainable materials

The first start-up ExoMatter from the DLR Institute of Future Fuels is setting out to revolutionise materials development. The cloud-based SaaS start-up combines data from databases with its own data and processes it through data mining. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to close data gaps.

Using the platform, ExoMatter digitalises the important step of material selection and thus significantly shortens the time to market for innovative products. In this way, companies are better equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly fast-paced world. When selecting materials, not just technical and commercial requirements are taken into account. The focus is also on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the materials. The service has already been tested and refined in three pilot projects. It is now about to be used commercially for the first time.

ExoMatter is supported by DLR Technology Marketing, has closed its first financing round and is financing itself through its own sales. Its expertise in the field of digital materials research stems from a collaboration between the DLR Institute of Solar Research and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The company has a licence agreement with DLR.

Meet ExoMatter - Your platform for Materials Development
Meet ExoMatter - Your platform for Materials Development. Quick walkthrough of our Platform. We create a shortlist of the top-ten material candidates from theoretical datasets with millions of materials specifically for the customer’s application. We do so through data mining & machine learning, enriching the data with own calculations and applying a multidimensional optimization algorithm (e.g. performance, cost, CO₂ footprint). Learn more on ExoMatter is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The Munich based Team of 6 is Germanys hottest material development startup.

ExoMatter GmbH


Dr.-Ing. Josua Vieten

ExoMatter GmbH