RSS feeds on the re­search ar­eas

You can keep up with the latest news from the DLR portal and connected topic-specific sites via an RSS news feed.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a platform-independent electronic news format. You can use it to retrieve content from a website, such as new articles or other changes published on it, to your desktop without needing to visit the relevant webpages directly. If you subscribe to an RSS news feed either by clicking on the RSS icon on our pages or using the links below the program will check the RSS file on the respective server at regular intervals and display new stories in your reader. You can find a large selection of available readers at

Another option is to subscribe to RSS feeds in an online feed reader, which allows you to retrieve all the feeds you subscribe to on one webpage.

Please note: To access the following links to the RSS feeds, you need a current browser (e.g.: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). Also, newer versions of some browsers no longer support RSS feeds as dynamic bookmarks. In Firefox, addons installed in the browser provide a solution. For more information on using RSS feeds with Firefox, click here:

Feed Reader replacements for Firefox

Firefox to drop built-in support for RSS

The following RSS news feeds are available on the DLR Portal: