Innovation and transfer

Receiver test bench "Opti-Rec" from the QUARZ laboratory
Opti-Rec linear solar simulator for testing parabolic trough receivers

Germany is a progressive and innovative country, open to embracing sustainable solutions to environmental, technological, economic and geopolitical challenges in a consistent and flexible way so as to achieve prosperity and security. This approach applies to many areas of life and industry, particularly to the development of new technologies.

As a centre for research into aeronautics, space, energy, transport, digitalisation and security, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) makes important contributions in this respect. By interlinking research and innovation processes, DLR fulfils the socio-political task of using scientific findings to safeguard, in a sustainable way, the innovative excellence and competitiveness of industry for the benefit of society.

At DLR, over 10,000 employees assess the potential applications of their research from the very start, ensuring that the needs of industry are incorporated into research projects and research infrastructures from the planning stage. DLR identifies future topics early on, analysing current and future markets and nurturing ties with industry.

DLR seeks to bring research and industry ever closer by promoting the transfer of knowledge and technologies from research to application. Collaboration with companies is key to this process, as “there can be no innovation without business partners”. Valuable knowledge is shared promptly with industry, giving rise to innovations based on DLR’s research findings as industry partners convert DLR’s technologies and know-how into market success.

DLR pursues and fosters many ways of transferring technologies and knowledge, including contracted research, third-party-funded projects, framework partnership agreements, innovation partnerships, intellectual property rights and licensing, the formation of start-ups and the training of highly skilled personnel for industry. In over 180 DLR research facilities, some of which are unique in the world, work is being undertaken jointly with industry to test technologies with a view to creating new products, processes and services.


‘Transfer’ is the term used by DLR to denote the process by which technologies, ideas and scientific findings that have potential applications are recognised, developed and realised for social and economic benefit. The main purpose of transferring technologies is to ensure that industry can make the most of them. The transfer of scientifically sound expertise is intended to support decision-making processes in politics and society.

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