DLR's research projects in the field of security and defence reflect in their breadth the guidelines of the programme with its threefold focus on 'maritime security', 'civil security and dual-use' and 'defence technology research'. They are carried out by DLR research institutes or as part of collaboration projects with national or international partner organisations.

Within the area of 'maritime security', DLR is focusing on improvements in situational awareness, navigation and communication at sea, on the increasing automation and autonomisation of ships, on new ways of detecting threats and in sea rescue, as well as on assistance systems for maritime infrastructures and ports.

DLR's activities in the field of 'civil security and dual-use' largely involve methods for rapid and accurate situational awareness during disasters and humanitarian aid missions, as well as during major events. Dual-use in this context refers to the overlap between civil and military applications. DLR also conducts research into technologies for the protection of critical infrastructures, for example airports, power plants or satellites, for authorities and organisations with security tasks, as well as for all areas of corporate security.

In the area of 'defence technology research', the aim is to support the German Federal Armed Forces in mastering future challenges in national defence and international peacekeeping missions. DLR activities in this area focus on modernising the air force, building, operating and maintaining space infrastructures and improving the security of deployed soldiers.

Maritime security projects

Civil security and dual-use projects

Defence technology research projects