Opportunities for young scientists

Are we alone in the universe? Or is there intelligent life on other planets as well? What will the aeroplanes and cars of the future look like? What forms of energy will we use in the future when the oil runs out? DLR is working on these and many other exciting questions in its focus areas aeronautics, space, transportation, and energy research. DLR's research institutes are spread across all parts of Germany. They operate wind tunnels and solar installations, control centres, simulators, and large test stands for rocket engines.

DLR's research institutes are spread all over Germany. They operate wind tunnels and solar power plants, control centres, simulators and large test stands for rocket engines. The expertise of the approximately 11,000 employees is varied: they deal with engineering sciences, biology and medicine, or work at DLR as experts in climate research, propulsion technology, robotics and more.

DLR is committed to promoting young talent in many ways:In order to make the fascinating research projects and interesting job descriptions known to young people, DLR has a variety of offers for schools. For example, school classes can visit DLR's school laboratories, the DLR_School_Labs, and carry out experiments themselves. The DLR_School_Labs have now introduced more than 450,000 children and young people to the 'fascinating world of research'.

DLR also offers the possibility to apply for a career-oriented school internship. DLR also regularly organises competitions for schoolchildren and produces didactic resources for exciting lessons. Our youth portal DLR_next invites children and young people on a virtual journey into the world of research: with easy-to-understand information, inspiring pictures and videos, and lots of fun! DLR is also involved in many campaigns such as Jugend forscht (Youth Research) or Girls' Day.

But DLR is not only a large research institution with exciting projects in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy and transport research, as well as digitalisation and security. It is also active as a space agency - in this capacity it also organises a number of other activities for schools.


Fascinating world of research
This video refers to children and young people: The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is one of Europe's largest and most modern research institutions. Here is where the aircraft of the future are being developed and pilots trained, rocket engines tested and images of distant planets analysed. In addition, ca. 8,000 DLR staff members are investigating next-generation high-speed trains, environmentally responsible methods of generating enery, and much more. We are happy to pass on to young people our enthusiasm for all these fascinating topics.



Christoph Pawek

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