Locations and offices in Germany and abroad

DLR's activities are diverse and oriented towards societal needs. Mobility, energy, communication, security and digitalisation are core research areas, as are aeronautics and space, which served as the inspiration for the organisation's name 60 years ago.

Earth and Solar System exploration and the provision of knowledge for the conservation of the environment are also areas of significant interest. DLR's portfolio ranges from fundamental and applied research to the development of the preliminary stages of innovative future products. The resulting scientific and technical expertise generated at DLR strengthens Germany as a prime location for industry and technology.

DLR also operates a number of large-scale research facilities, some of which are unique. It uses these for its own projects, but also makes them available to customers and project partners. In addition, DLR supports the development of young scientists, advises politicians and is a driving force in the regions in which its sites are located.