DLR Projektträger

Research, education, innovation

Competent management at all levels of policy, programmes and projects is required if Germany is to develop its potential as a location for knowledge and innovation. DLR Projektträger specialises in precisely this: with comprehensive knowledge-based services, it paves the way for the future of research, education and innovation. Decisive players from politics, science and industry rely on its cutting-edge interdisciplinary expertise – from analysis and consultation to the development and implementation of strategies and measures – at regional, national, European and international levels.

With approximately 1600 employees from 23 nations, DLR Projektträger covers the broadest range of topics of any German project management agency. Its portfolio ranges from education and equal opportunities to health, society, innovation, technology, environment and sustainability, as well as European and interna-tional cooperation. This enables it to offer every service in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. The Competence Centres for Science Communication, Public Relations, and Analysis and Evaluation round off the range of services offered by DLR Projektträger's specialist departments.

Its employees think and act in a networked manner – within the project management agency as well as with national and international partners. In this way, they cover the entire value chain – from knowledge generation and transfer to market-oriented, societal and sustainable implementation.

DLR Projektträger develops solution-oriented strategies and concepts in order to plan and successfully implement the projects of its clients. The commissions come from federal and state ministries, the European Commission, scientific organisations, associations and foundations. DLR Projektträger advises them on strategies and programmes, plans and oversees the implementation of funding programmes and evaluates their impact. Its experts support knowledge transfer, manage dialogue processes, establish networks and foster international cooperation.

In 2023, DLR Projektträger was responsible for a funding volume of around 2 billion euros. More than 14,500 funding projects were able to benefit from this.

The divisions of DLR Projektträger

The networked divisions and Competence Centres and Services of DLR Projektträger help clients to answer the questions of our time – in an interdisciplinary and sustainable manner.

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DLR Projektträger supports stakeholders from politics, science, industry and educational institutions with a wide range of services.