Executive Board and Committees

DLR is organised under German private law as a chartered non-profit organisation. The statutory bodies of the organisation are the General Assembly, the Senate, the Space Committee, the Executive Board and the Scientific-Technical Advisory Council.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of DLR is comprised of full-time members, with their number and place of work being specified by the Senate. The members of the Executive Board are appointed for a maximum of five years. Reappointment is permitted.

On behalf of the Executive Board, the Divisional Board Members are responsible for the specialist strategies derived from the overall strategy. These define the medium- to long-term orientation of the competencies of the institutes or facilities in the respective area of responsibility and ensure their implementation.

General Assembly

According to the DLR statutes, members of the Society are supporting members, scientific members, ex officio members and honorary members.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the management. In particular it monitors the legality, expediency and economic efficiency of the activities conducted by the Executive Board. It is comprised of 11 members from government as well as the fields of science, business and industry. The Chair of the Supervisory Board is a State Secretary of the Federal Ministry responsible for DLR.


The Senate is the supervisory body of DLR. It has a maximum of 33 members from the fields of scientific research, business and industry, and from the public sector. The Senate is chaired by a State Secretary of the Federal Ministry responsible for DLR.

Space Committee

The Space Committee is independent of other DLR bodies and not bound by any directives issued by other bodies. The Committee consists of one representative each from the federal ministries involved with space matters and the Federal Chancellery.

Scientific-Technical Advisory Council

The Scientific-Technical Advisory Council is comprised of institute or facility directors and scientific staff from the various fields of research and the scientific and technical operational facilities. The Council advises the Executive Board and Senate on all scientific and technical matters.

News from the Executive Board