High-pressure combustion chamber test rig HBK-S

In the high-pressure combustion chamber test rig (HBK-S), complex and multi-stage combustion chamber systems of the next generation can be analysed under conditions typical of gas turbines, i.e. at high pressure, high turbulence and high temperatures. 

Both burners and burner systems that will later be used in aircraft gas engines and systems from stationary gas turbines are analysed here. The research platform is also used for studies on generic burners/combustion chambers, which form the bridge between basic experiments and technical burners as used in industry.

Thanks to the excellent optical access, combustion, phenomena can be analysed in great detail not only using conventional measurement methods, but also with modern laser measurement technology. The research platform with its very well known boundary conditions is therefore frequently used to create valuable validation data sets. The extensive infrastructure also enables complex tests with hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures. The test rig is therefore of particular value for the optimisation of gas turbine combustion chamber systems for the future use of hydrogen. It is also used to analyse alternative liquid fuels, among other things.

Below are some technical facts about the Stuttgart high-pressure combustion chamber test rig (HBK-S):

Infrastructure, Measurement technology

Characteristic values, Equipment

Fuel supply

natural gas, natural gas/propane, synthesis gas, hydrogen and their mixtures

heating oil, kerosene

other fuels as required

Flame temperature

Tfl > 2000 K possible

Air supply

40 bar, 1,2 kg/s, max. 1000 K

5 separately controllable partial flows (main air, cooling air, etc.), two heatable

Optical Diagnostics

CARS, OH chemiluminescence, high-speed visualisation, LII, PIV, PLIF, Raman

Test bench measurement technology

pressure sensors, thermocouples, flow meters, GC, exhaust gas analysis, pressure pulsation measurement (10 kHz)

Thermal output

max. 2 MW



Dr. Oliver Lammel

Head of Department
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Combustion Technology
Combustor Systems and Diagnostics
Pfaffenwaldring 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart