29. March 2019

DL­R­magazine 160 – Tool­box for a new era – From big to smart

The fastest computer used exclusively for aeronautics research in Europe
DL­R­magazine 160
Credit: DLR/Thomas Ernsting.

DLRmagazine 160

The fastest com­put­er used ex­clu­sive­ly for aero­nau­tics re­search in Eu­rope is at the DLR site in Göt­tin­gen. The com­put­er is the heart of the sim­u­la­tion cen­ter C²A²S²E (Cen­ter for Com­put­er Ap­pli­ca­tions in Aerospace Sci­ence and En­gi­neer­ing).

You cannot see it; you can hardly hear it and you cannot hold it. But it is highly effective. The tool of the future is hidden inside computers and is somewhat abstract. Software, simulation and data science are the keywords. Boring? Anything but!

In the spring edition of the DLRmagazine you can read how data specialists collect, connect and combine vast amounts of information from the most diverse sources and filter out valuable knowledge. This is extremely valuable for mobility, energy, health and environmental policy, and many branches of manufacturing such as aircraft construction. Two researchers at the DLR site in Stuttgart have been working on 'mending' aircraft components. When they repair damage, it seems as if they are fixing it with an iron-on patch, but it is very high-tech. Since aircraft components are made of high-performance composite materials, if they are faulty the usual alternative until now has been to completely replace them. Thanks to the courageous founders of msquare, repairs are now possible.

Courage is also needed for leaving home and going to the other side of the world. Justin Hardi came from Australia to Lampoldshausen to research rocket engines. Get to know him and his 'Dances with Flames'. How could there be a DLRmagazine in the year of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing without an article addressing this topic? We take a look at the event and let contemporary witness Stefan Aust. share his memories. There are of course references to events, books and interesting websites as usual. If you want to visit a museum, the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is recommended.

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