3. December 2020
DLR sites Sankt Augustin and Ulm

New In­sti­tute for Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence Se­cu­ri­ty at DLR

Institute for Artificial Intelligence Security
Fo­cus­ing on the se­cu­ri­ty of ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence
Credit: © DLR/tampatra – stock.adobe.com

Focusing on the security of artificial intelligence

DLR will es­tab­lish an In­sti­tute for Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence Se­cu­ri­ty
  • The new institute will combine DLR’s current activities on the security of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • AI is considered a key technology for the future.
  • Focus: Digitalisation, security

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) is planning to set up an Institute of Artificial Intelligence Security at its Sankt Augustin and Ulm sites. This follows a decision taken by the DLR Senate on 3 December 2020.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered to be a key technology for the future. However, the eventual introduction of AI-based technologies into the aeronautics and transport sectors will largely depend on whether they can be reliably proven to have the required level of security,” explains Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, Chair of the DLR Executive Board. “With its interdisciplinary expertise and longstanding experience in AI research, DLR is ideally positioned to play a leading role in this field for Germany.”

The new institute, based in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, will combine DLR’s ongoing activities in security matters relating to AI. One of the institute’s key focus areas will be the development of methods and algorithms to enable AI to be used safely and reliably in the aeronautics, space, energy and transport sectors. Ethical, legal and societal issues will all have a significant role to play in this.

The decision to create the institute is subject to a ruling by the German Federal Parliament.

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  • Frank Köster
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    In­sti­tute for Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence Se­cu­ri­ty
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