In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­o­gy (ICT)

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Information and communication technology is becoming increasingly important for value creation at DLR. The rapid development of technologies and processes requires continuous adaptation and optimisation of the IT infrastructures and processes used in order to enable effective and economical work and to keep complexity manageable.

The coordination of IT management at DLR is the responsibility of the IT (Information and Communication Technology) Department. It is responsible for the strategy regarding architecture, development plan and controlling of the IT infrastructure and organises knowledge and information management as well as IT security. At the same time, IT manages the co-operation with IT service providers and the continuous adaptation of the services to be provided to the needs of the DLR divisions. IT also ensures optimal interaction between centralised and decentralised IT units.

Implementation of IT governance

Suggestions for changes and enhancements come from a network of local IT managers in the institutes and facilities. They pass on their requirements to the IT department via seven site committees and the central IT committee. The standards and specifications developed in the committees are introduced in the individual departments and regularly audited by the IT department.

The central areas of responsibility of IT are shown in the following diagram. The decisive factor here is the close interlinking of functions, which leads to fast and efficient solutions even in complex problem situations. Direct cooperation enables the implementation of a consistent framework concept - known as IT governance.

IT areas of responsibility
The aim is to closely interlink the functions, leading to fast and efficient solutions even in complex problem situations.