Joint Venture Management

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The Internal Auditing and Joint Venture Management Department reports directly to the vice-chairman and is a key internal and external point of contact for all matters concerning DLR’s joint ventures and memberships.

The services provided ensure the collaboration, advancement and safeguard the value of DLR’s joint ventures and other institutional partnerships, including memberships. It primarily covers independent and transparent legal and commercial consulting In this regard, the Division – in collaboration with customers, the board and professional units – represents the interests of DLR and its institutes and facilities. It does so externally as well as internally, with a focus on partnership and effectiveness, in order to give DLR added value. The Joint Venture Management Division focuses on technical and scientific goals and content, defined on the basis of DLR’s strategic targets, which are pursued by way of the respective joint venture or membership of DLR. These goals are sustainably achieved by means of solution-orientated legal and organisational consulting services. The Joint Venture Management Division is well grounded in legal or commercial fields with various areas of expertise.

The main tasks of the Joint Venture Management Division are:

The acquisition and management of joint ventures, start-up companies (DLR participation), memberships and institutional partnerships in the following phases:

  • Initial consultancy;
  • Start-up/acquisition;
  • Management/controlling;
  • Liquidation/withdrawal.

consulting services on

  • how to prevent liability risks under company law that might result from DLR’s institutional collaboration and networking activities.

The Division’s employees hold talks and give seminars in the field of their respective professional expertise as part of DLR’s internal training programme. In addition, external internship opportunities are available, in particular for prospective lawyers to collaborate/gain work experience during their legal traineeship.