DLR site Geesthacht

With its location in the Geesthacht Innovation and Technology Centre (GITZ), DLR is based on the premises of the Helmholtz Centre Hereon. Founded in 2020, the Institute of Maritime Energy Systems became the first DLR research facility to be established in Schleswig-Holstein. Researchers there are working on innovative technologies to decarbonise shipping – in other words, to move away from conventional sources of energy based on fossil fuels in maritime transport – and to reduce pollutant emissions.

DLR's work also takes advantage of synergies with the existing Helmholtz Research Centre. At the site in Geesthacht, for example, efficiency technologies such as fuel cell systems for ships or application and storage options for alternative fuels at sea and on land are being developed. Together with industry, application-oriented solutions are being developed and put into practice. The DLR Institute is setting up a large-scale infrastructure in Geesthacht to test the new energy systems to be developed, first in standardised laboratory environments and subsequently under real conditions on a research vessel.

DLR site Geesthacht

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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