Our Organisational Structure

Departments of Galileo Competence Center (GK)

The organisation reflects the fundamental areas that are necessary for the further development of the Galileo system. A central element of our strategy is the subsequent very close internal alignment and networking between the individual departments covering the technical areas.

The technical departments

The four technical departments - System Analysis and Evolution, Space and Ground Segment Technology, Technology Transfer and Implementation, Signal Analysis and Timing Systems - are represented as four satellites travelling together in orbit. The laser communication between the satellites represents the innovative thinking of the GK (new technologies). It also illustrates the close co-operation between all those involved.

"System analysis and evolution" deals with the overarching system analysis, simulation and development of concepts and architectures for both the ground segment and the space segment as well as for the user segment. The focus of "Space and Ground Segment Technology" is the analysis and optimization of the intersection between ground and space segment and corresponding operations models. "Technology Transfer and Implementation" assesses these and other available or promising technologies and builds, verifies and validates the prototypes/hardware based on the jointly developed specifications. "Signal Analysis and Timing Systems" uses performance analyses to examine the performance of the current systems, including the newly developed prototypes/subsystems, and the development of robust timing systems is driven forward. "System Analysis and Evolution" can in turn draw important conclusions for its overall analyses from these results. At the same time, the departments and technical areas are not only connected in this sequential manner, but are also always in direct contact, as illustrated by the laser communication.

The cross-cutting topics

The cross-cutting topic of "IT operations and management system" was depicted in the image analogue to a GNSS receiver network. Without this network, it would not be possible to receive data from the satellites or send commands to them. The satellites would therefore be worthless. Accordingly, IT operations is responsible for providing the GK infrastructure (hardware, servers, network/Internet, tools and the development of important processes), which forms the basis (brown shading from the ground to the satellites) for possible work in the GK. The blue outline of the ITM pictogram is intended to illustrate the possible cooperation with all technical departments (e.g. in the area of quality management).

The second cross-cutting theme "System and technology consulting" and "Communication/Public Relations" is shown here in orange. It is dedicated to communicate between the technical topics and the outside world (society, research, industry, politics, etc.) as well as the external presentation of the GK and prepares our results and comments for specific target groups. The orange outline of the technical topics (blue satellites) represents the active networking with the important stakeholders for this topic.