Luftwaffe A-310 with medevac conversion

Luftwaffe A-310 with medevac conversion
The medevac conversion for the Airbus A310 MRT MedEvac consists of up to six patient transport units that meet the highest standards for intensive care and 38 positions for recumbent patients, of which 16 are seats where increased medical surveillance and treatment is possible. The Airbus MedEvac can thus carry a total of 44 patients. Depending on the number of patients and the types of injuries sustained, the medical crew can consist of up to 25 people. The ‘Medical Crew’ responds to emergencies throughout Germany and consists of specialist doctors, specialist nurses and paramedics. An Air Force flight surgeon is responsible for the medical-organisational management. The overall responsibility for air transport lies with the commander of the aircraft. At Cologne-Bonn Airport, an Airbus A310 MRT MedEvac is partially equipped in constant readiness. To complete the full equipment and technical preparation, after an alert requires approximately 4-6 hours.
A medevac conversion can be installed in all the A310s operated by the Flugbereitschaft des Bundesministeriums der Verteidigung (an air transport squadron of the Luftwaffe).

Stefan Gygas/Luftwaffe.