Daedalia Planum ortho-image

Daedalia Planum ortho-image
Daedalia Planum is a sparsely cratered, untextured plain that lies to the southeast of Arsia Mons, one of the largest volcanoes on Mars. It is 350 kilometres in diameter and rises 14 kilometres high. The plain is dominated by numerous lava flows of varying ages.
The images are centred at 21°S and 243°E. They cover about 150 by 75 kilometres or 11,250 square kilometres, an area approximately the size of Jamaica, and have a ground resolution of about 17 metres per pixel.
This ortho-image was rectified using elevation data derived from a high-resolution Digital Terrain Model, or DTM (obtained from HRSC data), such that distortions introduced during imaging are corrected. Such an image can be used to derive maps. Elevation data from the DTM has been colour-coded and overlain on the ortho-image so that elevation data and the image itself are displayed in a single scene.
The scale is in metres.

ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO.