March 30, 2015

DLR Magazine 144/145 – Into the flame

Seeking to understand exactly what happens when fuels burn, the combustion researchers at DLR are true experts when it comes to observing closely without disturbing. To do this, they used a highly sensitive analysis device – a molecular beam mass spectrometer. This research tool made it on to the cover of DLR Magazine 144/145 thanks to the astonishing results it produced.

'Fit for space?' looks into entirely different questions: What journey do experiments take to make it to space? Ultimately, who decides what research will be conducted on the International Space Station? What we can tell you – the experiments must jump through a few hoops before they can help expand our knowledge in a microgravity environment. And – quite evidently – they must not pose any threat to the Station or its crew.

Preventing danger is also a driving force behind the work of DLR flight systems engineers. They are looking into the troublesome issue of aircraft icing. Large drops of water freeze at high altitudes and coat aircraft with ice. The researchers are determined to identify how this phenomenon can be counteracted.

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Cordula Tegen

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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