Artificial intelligence at DLR – selected fields of application

Rollin' Justin
Dr. Daniel Leidner with Rollin' Justin during an experiment with an astronaut.

Earth observation

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) acquires precise geoinformation. We use AI methods to improve our knowledge of the Earth system and research global change.

Safety critical systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) must be secure against attack and misuse. DLR is building on its extensive experience at the interface of security research and digitalisation. This enables us to develop secure and accountable systems based on AI.

Automated and networked driving

DLR’s AI technologies are important for the further development of automated and networked driving.

Personal assistants and expert systems

DLR's intelligent assistants and expert systems assist people in their work and during daily life.


DLR is a world leader in the development of humanoid robots. With AI, we are opening up new ways to train robotic systems to make use of their own capabilities.


Industry 4.0 is safer, more efficient and more sustainable. DLR is developing new AI methods to improve automation and human-machine interaction in production environments.

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

AI methods for the predictive maintenance of systems and structures are an important field of DLR research. They enable us to identify technical problems even before they occur.