HA­LO – The project

New dimensions in atmospheric research and Earth observation

HALO's excellent performance, the new operating concept and broad user community open up new dimensions in environmental and climate research using aircraft in Germany and Europe. But HALO also offers new possibilities for Earth observation:

  • With its unique capabilities and features, HALO makes new experiments and larger payloads possible.
  • The new operating model particularly encourages the participation of universities in atmospheric research using aircraft.
  • HALO is embedded in the European research landscape and completes European capabilities in this area.
  • HALO will be available for appropriate research programmes anywhere in Europe.
  • Its long range makes HALO a global tool; hence, it contributes to closer international collaboration in the global network of comparable projects.
  • HALO reinforces Germany‘s leading position in atmospheric research and Earth observation.


Falk Dambowsky

Head of Media Relations, Editor
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