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Increasing digitalisation in industry and society

To fulfil society's demand for climate-friendly mobility solutions, a wide range of areas must be reconciled. The environmentally and economically sustainable transport systems of the future are therefore being developed in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary environment. In the process, researchers are considering technologies and their integration into system architectures with a market launch up to a decade in the future. This entails some uncertainties. Therefore, the multidisciplinary preliminary design requires standardised methods that allow these uncertainties and their influences on the overall design results to be represented.

ProTekT (Probabilistic Technology Assessment of Complex Transport Systems) aims to facilitate access to methods for the technological assessment of complex system architectures, taking uncertainties into account. The future tool for technology assessment establishes:

  • data and interface standards in multidisciplinary system design,
  • methodological competence in the field of probabilistic system analyses
  • software for data exploration and decision support considering uncertainties.

Six DLR institutes from the areas of aeronautics, space, energy and transport are working together on this project. They are contributing a wide range of use cases that are working together to address digitalisation in the design of complex transport systems. The effective consideration of probabilities increases the validity of the results. In addition, the joint development of standardised interfaces promotes cross-sectoral cooperation in digital design processes.

ProTekT is part of DLR's research in 'Cyberphysical Engineering'.


Tobias Schneiderhan

Acting Board Member for Digitalization
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Linder Höhe, 51147 Cologne