One-metre low-speed wind tunnel, Göttingen (1MG)

Researchers at the DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology in Göttingen are measuring complex flow phenomena such as those that occur around helicopter rotor blades.

Rotation in a wind tunnel

This German Aerospace Center (DLR) large-scale facility has a system for the automated evaluation of measurement data and consists of a wind tunnel and a pitch oscillation test stand for rotor profiles. It can be optimally configured for the required measurement by selecting from among the various test sections.

Both static and transient measurements can be conducted in the low-speed range. Measurements can also be conducted on moving profiles. Transient velocity field measurements at frequencies of up to one kilohertz are also possible. The facility is particularly well suited to measurement technology development and project initiation, particularly as part of the aeronautical research programme or German Research Foundation (DFG) initiatives.

The primary purpose of the 1MG is to provide helicopter aerodynamic measurement data for research projects. The hardware and software are suitable for industrial use and thus the acquisition of new projects. The scientific knowledge that can be gained by using the facility is also important for internal DLR projects.

In addition, this large-scale facility fulfils obligations within the framework of the German Aviation Research Programme (LuFo) and projects managed by DFG, while also maintaining and building upon national partnerships (university education and Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes) and international cooperative efforts (for example with NLR, ONERA and NASA).


Volker Speelmann

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DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology

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